How to Plant Osiria Roses in Your Garden

Osiria Rose-When you browse online, you will see a lot of amazing pictures of roses as well as flower blooms, which will surely amaze you. There are red, yellow, white, orange etc. In case you have a plan of adding this amazing plan on your garden. It is important to take some consideration most essentially when buying online. What you see online may not be the same in actual. One of the best and beautiful breed of rose is the Osiria Roses.

1. Osiria Rose Overview

What is Osiria Rose? This is one of the striking types of rose with a strong smell. The fire engine red color with a lovely white reverse on the petals will surely attract your attention. Its unique color is what makes this rose set apart from the rest.

This kind of rose was hybridized by German rose lovers Reimer Kordes in year 1978. It was introduced into business by Willemse France in France and she named it Osiria. According to her, in order to bloom this rose in nice flushes all the growing period it must be in a good weather condition.

Osiria roses will definitely need some extremely good winter defence in the cold weather rose beds. The ancestry of this kind of rose is said to be the mixture of the Snowfire, a rose bush and an unidentified seedling. At time the hybridizer keep one of the parents as a secret in order to secure the introduction.

For reference concerning the name of the rose, this rose was named Osiria after a part of the rich breakfast of the world, such as Atlantis. Osiria sunken thousands of feet in the ocean and you will never find this place on the map. This place is also not stated in the Bible or in any history book.

Osiria according to the research is theoretical empire like Atlantis. The amazing looks of this rose, really reflect to its name.

2. The Remarkable Osiria Rose

All types of roses out there are indeed really stunning. On the other hand, there are specific types of roses which are simply amazing and breathtaking like the Osiria. This white and red rose grows on scrubs and has a dark green leaves. The red and white flower along with the dark green leaves really makes this rose look stunning.

As stated above, it’s a hybrid tea rose made from cross breeding of Hybrid perpetual and Tea roses. This amazing flower provides the impression of deceit. The inner part of the petal is color red while the exterior is luminous white. Sumptuous and soft, this amazing flower seems too good to be true. While these beautiful roses surely do real, they are hard to obtain due to its price.

Osiria rose is also popularly called as hybrid tea rose and Korsir rose. Originally bred in the year 1978 by Riemer Kordes in Germany. This rose was first presented by Willemse France in France and the one who gave the name Osiria. This rose usually bloom during June to November and it could reach up to 120cm to 180cm. This particular plant also prefers a properly-drained location.

3. How to Plant Osiria Roses

  • First and foremost you will have to dig a desirable hole and fill it with healthy soil
  • You need to spread the root evenly
  • Plant it in a right and appropriate depth make sure the base of stem must be about 5cm below the ground
  • Fill the hole with extra soil as well as compact lightly
  • Water daily to make sure it is healthy

Osiria rose reviews from people whom cultivate it is varied. Some people mention and praise the nice striking flowers but there is also some drawback reported such as extremely slow growing.

The flowers have frail necks, which lead to the drooping of the blooms. With huge, multi-petaled flowers, which are the case oftentimes, as the stem under the huge bloom is not thick as well as not adequately stout to support the blooms.

This issue usually occurs after a heavy rain once the petals keep hold of raindrops. It is indeed very hard to find this kind of flower in a flower shop. In fact, some of them don’t know that Osiria really exist or they really don’t know that there is a breed of rose such as this.

This happens once a rose bush has problems with stuffs like the weak necks or drooping blooms or is extremely susceptible to various kinds of diseases such as powdery mildew as well as black spot.

Snowfire is a type of rose which was indeed extremely prone to fungal diseases or sickness and was a grudging performer once it came to generating those desired flowers.

For me, the most amazing feature of this kind of rose is the abundance of pretty wicked thorns. Osiria rose maintenance and care will be the same in this as well as to other hybrid type of tea roses.

Again you have to be extra careful when buying a rose or any flowering plants. Keep in mind the pictures can deceived you. What you see online may not be the one you expect in reality.

There are stores online where you can purchase rose seeds. In fact, some of these bloom in various colors like a rainbow.

When buying a rose seeds online, you need to be very extra care most essential if you are not familiar with the store. There are instances that the seed you bought is not rose but other types of flowers or worse some type of weeds or a breed of tomato.

In most cases, these seeds aren’t even fertile, as a result these seeds will not get growth or take a root at all. I received lots of emails from people yearly which have been fooled out and state that they are scammed by these online stores.

In general, you need to be very careful when buying flowering plants online in order to avoid wasting your money.




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