19 Sophisticated Black Flowers for your Unique Garden

Black Flowers-Unfortunately, black is often associated with gloom, darkness, sadness and despair. But, it doesn’t really always have to be this way. The great news is that black flowers are now widely available to change such negative connotations into elegance and mystery.

Black flowers may seem to come from the world of fairytale, as in reality, there are really no black flowers. Black plants aren’t really black, but are often maroon, deep burgundy, dark purple or deep red. They symbolize mystery, elegance, power and goodbye. If you want to add drama and a unique touch to your garden, consider adding black flowers to it.

Black flowers are very unique in appearance, and because they are rare, dark-colored blooms can add instant intrigue to any garden or bouquet. They have also been around for centuries, alluring people and attracting flower lovers.

For flower breeders, pure black flowers are a Holy Grail. In Edwardian and Victorian times, a lot of people collected black flowers and would even go many lengths just to find the rarest and most exotic species.

A. Growing your Black Garden


A lot of people are intrigued by a black garden. With different types of unique black flowers, this type of garden can add drama to any landscape. It can also create a distinct mood and an appealing look that will attract anyone who passes by.

Growing your own black garden isn’t as hard as you might think. Basically, it is done just like any other garden you can find. However, careful planning should be considered to grow your black garden successfully.

Proper positioning is actually one of the most essential elements of growing a black garden. Plants that are dark in color must be placed in sunny areas in order to prevent them from being lost in the landscape’s dark corners. If you want to make them stand out, you may place them against a lighter background.

Another vital aspect of building a black garden is to know how to use different hues and tones correctly. Although black plants can be easily mixed with other colors, some work more efficiently than the others. Choose lighter shades when you are working with dark or black palettes that will properly contrast with the black flowers or plants that you have selected. This will help intensify their hues and enable them to easily stand out.

Black flowers can also highlight other colors, especially when placed at the right location. For instance, a black flower works well when combines with a bright-colored, gold and silver tone. Also, remember that when selecting black flower for your garden, some may appear dark red or purple instead of pure black. The color of the plant is likely to change, depending on its location.

B. Common Types of Black Flowers for a Black Garden


If you have decided to make your own black garden, the next step to consider is to choose the right black flowers to create the look and feel you want for it. Consider the different forms and textures of the flowers when using them for your garden. Look for various types of plants with the same growing requirements.

With their great popularity, there are now a wide spectrum of dark flowers to choose from to add spice to your black garden. Here are some of the common black flowers you may want to feature for your garden:

1. Purple Calla Lily


Add this to your garden to make a dramatic statement. It is also widely used in a bouquet, especially for weddings. The name of this flower comes from a Greek work for beautiful, and this specie symbolizes rebirth, resurrection and faithfulness. They are popular for their sophisticated bell shape both as cut flowers and in gardens. They grow well as houseplants and outdoors. Calla lilies must be watered well and planted deep.

2. Pansy


Pansies actually come in a huge variety of colors. They can bloom in any season and do well as ground covers and borders. If you want to add this to your garden, make sure to plant it in moist, well-drained soil. Just don’t forget to plant them regularly for a beautiful bloom.

3. Dahlia


Dahlias come in a variety of colors and sizes. These are colorful, beautiful flowers with a lot of spiky petals that form their large, round head. When planting this type of black flower, remember that they struggle in cold soil, so you might need to wait until the temperature in the ground reaches sixty degrees before planting them in your black garden.

4. Hellebore


Most of the species of Hellebore are white or pink, but their rare form is deep purple. While it is very beautiful to look at, this black flower is actually poisonous, which just adds to its mystery. This perennial plant can be grown easily in containers and blooms in early spring. Hellebores have a long period of blooming that lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks. If you want to grow this plan in your garden, make sure not to plant it too deeply.

5. Black Rose


With more than two-thousand varietals, roses have a long history and an extensive family. In general, old roses have more complex blooms, more fragrance and greater ability to resist disease. The modern roses provide an endless selection of colors and can bloom throughout the season. When growing roses in your garden, make sure to plant them in areas where they will obtain at least five hours of sun each day.

6. Bat Orchid


This is a very interesting type pf black flower that looks like a bat in flight. It has a deep brown shade and look ebony black to any untrained eye. It is a member of the family of orchids, and often referred to as the ‘Cat’s Whiskers’ or the ‘Devil Flower.’ In addition to its very unique appearance, some scientists believe that this flower contains cancer-fight properties. Bat orchids enjoy the shade and will do better indoors.

7. Black Tulips


This type of black flower is both exotic looking and distinctive. When it comes to floral arrangement, black tulips work well with pink, white or yellow tulips. They also look stunning when combined with yellow pansies. These flowers can grow up to twenty-four inches in height and bloom in the spring.

Black tulips do not require a lot of maintenance. This is actually the reason why they have become a popular choice for flower lovers and gardeners who have very busy schedules.

8. Cantor Black


This is a South African native flower that features tall, upright blooms with a deep purple hue. It is ideal for gardens of any size and containers.

9. Black Hollyhock


Also recognized as Alsea Rosea Nigra, black hollyhock have extremely dark blossoms. The maroon blooms are probably some of the darkest of entire species of black flowers. They have big, heart-shaped lower leaves, and grow on towering spikes or spires. They are often in bloom between June and August and blooms for a long time.

10. Black Velvet Petunia


With thirty-five true species throughout the world, hybrid Petunias are available in almost any color. Its most traditional varietals are the sprawling plants with purple or white blooms. Black velvet petunias are grow fast and are frost-tender. Make sure to keep them dry, warm and protected from the strong wind to enjoy its beautiful bloom.

11. Chocolate Cosmos


Native to Mexico, this stunning maroon bloom does not only share the same color as chocolates, but it also has a scent like that of the sweet treat.

12. Black Knight Cannas


This is a tropical perennial plant perfect for mass planting, especially in sunny borders. Its variety offers summer colors and distinct burgundy foliage under different growing conditions.

13. Dianthus


Belonging to the carnation family, Dianthus are very colorful, hardy annuals. These flowers can usually be found in colors of white, purple and pink, and emit a spicy fragrance. If you are thinking of adding this in your black garden, make sure to plant it in a spot where it will receive at least six hours of sun. This plant should also be fertilized every six to eight weeks.

14. Hyacinth


Plant this flower in well-drained soil for a healthy bloom. Hyacinths produce small bundles of beautiful blossoms that range in blue to while color. This beautiful black flower is frequently paired with yellow daffodils.

15. Viola ‘Molly Sanderson’


These black flower species can be grown in a container and in the garden, making them ideal for both the indoors and outdoors. They often begin to bloom in spring and complement the likes of yellow primroses and multi-colored pansies.

16. Black Widow Cranesbill Geranium


Also known as the ‘Dusky Cranesbill’ or ‘The Mourning Widow’ this black flower boasts its rich, dark color, and thrives in areas that are damp and shady. Its petals have crinkly edges and are pointed, whereas the leaves are dashed with a brown color. It is native to Southern and Western Europe.

17. Iris


There are several variety of iris that now exist, providing exquisite and intricate blooms in the landscape’s sunny areas. This type of black flower begins to bloom in the late winter to early spring. There is only a minimal care and maintenance required to grow iris, especially once it is established. It consists primarily of dividing iris plants to ensure continued blooms.

Iris is a unique flower that can be obtained in almost every color you can imagine, including a very deep shade of purple black. It is a sweet scented black flower that thrives in sunlight. If you want to have this plant flourished, make sure to plant it in well-drained soil.

18. Black Jack 


Otherwise known as gladiolus, black jack is another beautiful type of black flower that grow beautifully during the summer’s warm weather. Plant some corms every few weeks and you can grow these unique flowers in sequence. This flower prefers sandy and well-drained soil. Plant it deeper because it has a tall sheaf of leaves.

19. Black Baccara Rose 


This sophisticated tea rose will definitely add a dramatic look to any garden, vase or bouquet. For this reason, it is one of the most admired black flowers available in the market today. In addition to its attractive and stunning look, it also boasts its extremely appealing fragrance. Black baccara roses are complemented by green-reddish foliage, and their blooms appear darker during cooler weather.

These are just a few of the many spectacular black blossoms you can find today. If you want to add a dramatic look and feel to your garden, adding a few of these black flowers will definitely make a huge difference to your landscape.

It is really fascinating to come across a plant or flower that looks like an endless color of black. While it is really impossible to find a true, pure black flower, these stunning and gorgeous dark varieties will add intrigue and mystique to any garden.

Black simply does not always occur in natural foliage. Careful selective flower breeding with high levels of pigments can create a hue that is dead-ringer for the black color. However, whether they are truly black or not, these dark-colored blooms add a remarkable effect to any garden or arrangement. With symbols of mystery, elegance and power, black flowers are commonly used for dramatic goodbyes or farewell.

C. Add these Black Flowers to Your Garden


The truth is, black flowers are mainly a matter of perception. Indeed, it is not possible for any flower to be purely black, but a lot of maroon and purples shades come close to appearing so. There are many different dark-colored flowers you can add to your garden to enhance its beauty and create the mysterious look you want for your landscape.

No matter what garden you are trying to build, adding a few or many of these black flowers to it will certainly create a remarkable mood and feel to your environment. Just carefully select the best one that will meet your needs.

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