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Lionel And His Amazing Multicolour Football Boots


Last night saw Barcelona’s Lionel Messi début his much anticipated shiny new Adidas F50 Messi football boots…and they were eye-catching to say the least. I know I took a second glance when I first saw a picture of them…it looks like my nephews have been let loose with a pair of my old boots and the paint set they got at Christmas.

Messi's new Adidas F50 'Rainbow' boots.

Messi’s new Adidas F50 ‘Rainbow’ boots.

The footwear certainly dazzled Man City’s Martin Demichelis, as Messi’s Argentine international team-mate gave away the foul on Lionel which led to the first goal of the game, as Messi coolly slotted the penalty down the middle of the goal to send Barca on their way to a 2-0 victory.

To give Lionel’s new footwear their Sunday name, the Adidas adizero F50 X-TRX Messi boots will be released to us mere mortals on 1st March (my birthday, take note) and will be available in both firm and soft ground versions from JD Sports. If you’re so inclined, you can pre-order them now. We know they’re bright, but what else is so special about these boots?

Like the rest of Messi’s Adidas range, the F50 will feature his signature Samba studs and each boot will only weigh 165g, one of the lightest football boots on the market. They’ll also feature compatibility with Adidas’ patented miCoach systems. The boots are made from Hybridtouch synthetic leather material for premium softness, light weight and performance and also feature Dribbletex raised 3D grip texture for high-speed dribbling under wet and dry conditions, making sure the ball sticks to your feet.You’ll also find their Hybrid Traxion™ 2.0 stud configuration on the soft ground boot, which has a mix of screw-in and moulded TPU studs for maximum acceleration and grip on soft grounds.

So we can see there’s no doubt about the quality of the boots, and I have no doubt they’d certainly help your game a little on any surface. However, that colour scheme…I can’t help but think they’ll be the football boot equivalent of Marmite. They’ll certainly sell well with children, partly because of the colours and partly because Lionel Messi wears them! I don’t see many members of my Sunday league team turning up to training with the Messi F50s in hand…although I wear white, purple and orange Warrior boots and I’m a goalie, so maybe I’m not the best judge.

The Messi F50s have certainly got fans and pundits talking, and that’s probably not a bad thing. After all, all publicity is good publicity. What do you think about Lionel Messi’s new boots? Let us know in the comments section below.

Malcolm Greenwood

They look nice! Although colourful boots are all the rage these days. I am guessing we will be shocked the day that they bring out a plain black boot again!

The best part about the lighter boot is that it makes it feel as though you are wearing less on your feet, and I know that running bare foot is actually better for you. With protection paramount, we will never get football boots which are not hard on top, and the need for studs to grip make a hard bottom a requirement. However for when the ground is hard, perhaps studs won’t be needed, perhaps a boot that is akin to running bare foot will be released. That could be fun.